We are offering a fitness gym for ladies in Riyadh, KSA with best-in-class health and wellness solutions. Our mission is to help people ‘Go Further in Fitness and in Life.’


Be part of our community & the best version of yourself. What does “inspire change” means? For our members, it means creating inspiring environments and experiences that empower them to achieve real results with their membership. For our staff: We hire Great Humans, empowering them to become world-class specialists and pursue fulfilling, impactful careers that make a difference in people’s lives.


Vitality’s logo from beginning

The club was launched in 2019, and our mission at that time was to make all members sway to the tune of sports and make it a method for their lives happily

Current one

In the year 2023 we decided to become more than just a sports club, we are your companion through the formation of a healthy and sophisticated sports community, our responsibility is you. First, through your community and your relationships within the clubs. Second, your health is at the hands of the best coaches. Third, your healthy eating throughout your day. We take care of your quality of life.

Joy: At Vitality Club and V-Fitness we strive to create a joyful environment for our members which is inspired by our top line management values. 

Get together: The sport won’t be better without a genuine teamwork thus we encourage our team to work back to back to deliver these skills for our members. 

Every details matter: Our attention to details has no limit since we start seeking our members’ satisfaction on different levels such as cleaning standard, customer care and the quality classes.

Be the winner: Our mentality is highly appreciative of success which positively influences the mindset of our members. 

Keep Evolving: Our dynamic team at Vitality Club and V-Fitness doesn’t stop working day and night to apply the most recent fitness innovations and trends to uplift the standard of the health and fitness industry in Saudi Arabia to make people’s health better. 


We’re open to everyone with passion. Whatever your background, or whatever value you can add, we can find you a home

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