1- Payment Terms:

1.1- You can choose your preferred payment method and select the most suitable membership   type for you. Accepted payment methods include cash, debit card, and credit card.
All memberships must be paid in advance at the time of purchase, and no deferred payment is   allowed

1.2- Payment must be made in advance for all other additional programs, including personal training. Fees should be paid at the reception desk only, and direct payment to the trainer is not permitted under any circumstances.

1.3- Membership fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. However, the club management retains discretionary authority to consider exceptions.

1.4- Installment payments are allowed only through installment services approved by the club management, if available.

2-Membership Procedures:

2.1- Fill in the subscriber’s personal information. The management commits not to disclose any information about the subscriber to any external parties outside our institution.
2.2- Conduct a guided tour of the club’s services and facilities.

2.3- The subscriber receives the membership agreement to review its details with the 

       assistance of the receptionist, signs it, and submits it to the receptionist.

2.4- Complete the payment process subject to terms and conditions.

2.5- The subscriber receives the payment invoice, pool examination card, and health 

       questionnaire to fill out and submit to the receptionist.

3-Membership Commencement:

3.1- Membership automatically begins upon completion of the enrollment procedures at the club.

3.2- The start date of membership can be postponed for a maximum of 7 days. The subscriber 

       can resume their membership within the seven-day period by contacting the 

       reception and activating their membership.

4-Types of Freezing:

4.1-    The subscriber has the right to freeze their membership according to the duration of the membership.

4.1.1- 3- Months Membership: Maximum of 21 days of freezing/Maximum of 2 freezing 

          instances/Minimum suspension period of 7 days.

4.1.2- 6-Months Membership: Maximum of 42 days of freezing/Maximum of 3 freezing 

          instances/Minimum suspension period of 7 days.

4.1.3- 12-Months Membership: Maximum of 70 days of freezing/Maximum of 4 freezing 

          instances/Minimum suspension period of 7 days.

5-Freezing Mechanism:

5.1- The subscriber personally freezes their membership at the reception desk after filling out a 

       freezing form and receiving a copy of the freezing form. This form is the only recognized 

       document within the club in case of any objections to the freezing later.

5.2- The subscriber may freeze their membership via phone by providing the reception with their 

       mobile number and identification or residency number. The subscriber takes full 

       responsibility for the freezing without the right to object to the freezing later.

5.3- The subscriber can authorize another person to suspend their membership by providing 

       them with a copy of their identification or residency, mobile number, and the required 

       duration of the freezing. This is done in order to obtain a copy of the subscriber’s freezing 


5.4- Retroactive freezing of the membership is not allowed at all.

6-Membership Reactivation:

6.1- The membership is automatically reactivated after the freezing period ends.

6.2- If the subscriber wishes to end the freezing period earlier, they must personally visit the 

       reception desk and reactivate their membership without adding the previously frozen days 

       to their remaining balance.

7- Membership Transfer:

7.1- The subscriber has the right to transfer their membership to another person, subject to the 

       management’s approval and after filling out a membership transfer form.


8.1- Membership fees are subject to change without prior notice, and subscribers will be notified 

       of any changes. The prices include value-added tax (VAT), and terms and conditions apply.


9.1- The fees paid are non-refundable.


10.1- The subscriber can upgrade their membership to a longer duration within two weeks of 

         activating their membership.

11-Club and Pool Operating Hours:

11.1- The club and pool operating hours are available at the entrance and at the reception desk.

11.2- Operating hours are subject to change during holidays and official holidays, and we 

         commit to notify subscribers of any changes in advance.

11.3- Schedules are subject to change without prior notice in case of necessity.

12-Maintenance Works:

12.1- The club reserves the right to close the facility during periodic and necessary maintenance 

         periods, staff training, and official holidays to ensure the highest health and safety 

         standards. Subscribers will be compensated for the closure days.

13-Age Restrictions:

13.1- Women under the age of eighteen are not allowed to join the women’s club.

13.2 -The club has the right to allow individuals between the ages of sixteen and eighteen to 

         enter. According to the internal procedures followed.

13.3- Children and girls under the age of sixteen are not allowed to enter the club.

14-Suggestions and Complaints:

14.1- Suggestions and complaints are recorded in the sales staff program, and the staff 

         members work on following up the urgent cases.

15- General Rules, Terms, and Instructions: Club, Pool, Steam Rooms, and Saunas:
15.1- General Rules for Club Usage:

  • Adhere to appropriate clothes and sports shoes.
  • Follow the safety rules when using the exercise equipment and seek assistance from trainers when needed.
  • The club management is not responsible for any injuries incurred by participants or visitors during physical activities.
  • Maintains order and cleanliness of the place.
  • The management reserves the right to exclude or cancel membership in case of harmful behavior towards other participants or the club. No membership fees will be refunded.
  • Follow the guidelines for proper use of exercise equipment and seek guidance from the Vitality team to ensure correct usage of the machines.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed inside the fitness studio.
  • Respect the rights and privacy of other participants during training sessions.
  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed, except for water bottles.
  • Personal lockers are provided for individual use. Participants must ensure the locker is securely closed before heading to the club facilities. Lockers should not be locked overnight.
  • It is expected that club participants respect all other participants and the Vitality team.
  • The club management is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings of participants or visitors.
  • Bring a personal towel and water bottle.
  • Selling or marketing of any products, companies, commercial activities, or services that benefit the members in any form is prohibited.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Photography is strictly prohibited.
  • Club members and visitors must comply with the club’s rules and policies. In case of inappropriate behavior or violation of club rules and policies by a participant/visitor, the management reserves the right to suspend or revoke membership.
  • The management reserves the right to limit the number of active members.

15.1.1- Terms and Instructions for Group Class Usage:

  • Arrive early and reserve your spot at the reception desk before the start of the group class or in advance through the mobile application, in order to secure your place in the training studio.
  • It is strictly prohibited to join the class after 10 minutes from the start of the fitness sessions.
  • Stretching and relaxation exercises are crucial before leaving the class to avoid injuries. Please inform the instructor if you are leaving.
  • Please inform the instructor before the start of the class if you have any injuries so they can assist you with appropriate exercises.
  • Return weights and exercise equipment to their designated places after use.
  • Towels must be used inside the training studio.
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after using the exercise machines.

15.2- Pool Usage Rules:

  • The duration of pool usage is determined according to the fitness club membership period. Freezing, transferring, or refunding the pool membership is not allowed, and it cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The club has the right to request a medical examination to ensure that every user is free from infectious diseases.
  • For one day visits, or 1-month, or 6-months, or swimming training courses, please consult the pool management.

15.2.1- Terms and Instructions for Pool Usage:

  • Children are strictly prohibited from being in the pool area except in designated clubs that offer children’s activities, and they must be accompanied by their parents or guardians.
  • Shower before and after entering the pool.
  • Adhere to the prescribed clothes, which is a full polyester swimsuit. Wearing cotton clothing is   not allowed.
  • Tie your hair using a swim cap and wear goggles.
  • Wear flip-flops or sandals around the pool area at all the times.
  • Use a life jacket or floatation device if you do not know how to swim. It is strictly prohibited to enter and use the pool without the presence and supervision of a swimming instructor.
  • Avoid consuming heavy meals one hour before swimming.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the pool area or fitting rooms.
  • Mobile phones and cameras are not allowed in the pool area.
  • Remove makeup and do not apply creams or perfumes on the body when entering the pool.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the pool instructor.
  • The management is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Photography or videography is strictly prohibited in any of the club facilities.
  • Do not come to swim if you have a cold, flu, wounds, menstruation, low blood pressure, diarrhea, or any other medical conditions.
  • Inform the instructors of any medical conditions you may have, such as diabetes, ear tubes, epilepsy, asthma, or any physical or mental disabilities.

15.3- Steam Room and Sauna Terms and Instructions:

  • Individuals under the age of 17 are not allowed to enter.
  • Adhere to light clothing or swimwear.
  • Take a shower before and after using the steam room and sauna.
  • Place a towel on the seat when sitting.
  • The duration of steam room and sauna usage is limited to 10-15 minutes only.
  • Do not bring bottles, sharp objects, or metal pieces.
  • No food or beverages allowed.
  • Do not use soap or any other body products.
  • The temperature regulator should only be adjusted by the responsible staff member.
  • Drink plenty of fluids before and after using the steam room and sauna to compensate for water loss.
  • Remove contact lenses.
  • If feeling discomfort or dizziness, immediately leave the steam room.
  • Not to be used during pregnancy.
  • Do not use it if you have a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, or any condition affected by heat without approval from a doctor.
  • Do not use it if you have any contagious diseases, wounds, or sores.
  • Not to be used during menstruation.
  • Not to be used immediately after meals.

The club management does not assume any responsibility or legal consequences for members or visitors resulting from the improper use of the steam room and sauna according to the club’s rules and regulations.

15.4- Communications:

The club management is pleased to inform you about the latest offers and events through our social media pages, as well as through text messages and emails.

Disclaimer and Pledge:

I hereby acknowledge that any physical conditioning & training program includes an inherent risk of injury. I agree with participating in these activities with knowledge of the risks involved. 

I accept the risk associated with my participation in the programs and use of the facilities offered by Vitality Fitness Club and Vitality Management & owners has no legal liability.

 I hereby confirm that I will respect the privacy of Vitality Club and its members and that I will provide any comment or feedback direct to Vitality Management without criticism or prejudice to others and I hereby agree on the following:

1- The guidelines of the usage of Vitality Club Premises and I accept any future rules and regulations 

2- The policy of the gym.