Successful companies thrive with healthy employees

Exercise boosts morale, renews physical vigor, and stimulates employees’ capacity for creativity and innovation
Physical activity has a positive impact on job performance, contributing to increased positivity and focus, ultimately benefiting the workplace

Regain your work-life balance

Guaranteed Returns

Vitality Club’s benefits exceed expectations, distinguishing your company as one that invests wisely in its employees’ well-being, attracting talent to your organization


No matter where your employees are, Vitality Clubs are conveniently located around Riyadh

Custom fitness programs

motivate employees to set and achieve their goals, choose their preferred fitness improvement methods, and engage socially with colleagues


We provide tailored fitness solutions that suit each employee’s health needs, improving their well-being and future healthcare requirements

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Success Partners

We take pride in offering modern sports environments and spacious facilities within our Riyadh centers. We aim to provide the best for all corporate members to contribute to improving employees’ health and fitness