is a philosophy of life and an innovative training methodology based on a patented technology. The innovation of this technology consists in delivering, during the motor gesture, sudden sensory impulses to force and/or encourage the user to react.

What’s makes REAXING unique
Unlike other equipment, Reaxing has an unpredictable element to it. When training, we would anticipate most of the movements. But that’s not how the outside world is. In sports there’s certain things you can’t predict. How a player is going to tackle you, make an interception or the ball changing direction.

This applies to real life too, when you hike up a mountain, go for a surf or cycling off road the environment is constantly changing.. Our body has to handle endless interference.

Reax Lights Station
Made with Sudden Dynamic Impulse Technology which trains vital fitness components: Speed, Agility, Coordination and Reactivity.
These are key components when it comes to any sports. Doing drills on agility ladders, markers and hurdles are fundamentals in building up these components. However, these drills are predictable and overtime you become accustomed to it.

Training Programs

Personal 01
Customize your own program! It’s perfect if you’re doing personal training. Prepare the program by changing the color and the order of the lights illuminated which you can assign different exercises to. Panel 02-05
Illuminating 1 or 2 lights simultaneously at random. See how quick your reaction is and gradually build up. With speed from 1.0 secs up to 0.3 secs! It is the best way to build your Reactivity foundation!

Combat 06
Challenge amongst your friends with this program! It’s a great way to build up your speed of action and reactivity with regards to specific training for combat sports. Comes with a scoring system which tracks how many hits you landed against your opponent.

Mobile 07
Casual illumination of 1 or 2 lights simultaneously with a 30 second interval. Works best for unilateral training as you can give different commands to different body parts. For example, Red (Left Leg) and Green (Right Leg).

Fix 08
Shuttle Exercise Program with alternate illumination of Light 1 and other selected lights at random. Great program to use if you’re looking to increase speed and agility.

Circuit 09
Cycling illumination of the lights within a 30 seconds interval. This program works best by setting up different stations with the other Reaxing Equipment available.

●  Reax Chain

●  Reax Fluiball

●  Reax FluiKettle

Reax Board Pro is an incredibly “smart” floor able to reproduce and generate sudden interferences during the movement.

The only treadmill in the world that performs sudden and unpredictable inclinations in all directions while running.